Month: February 2020

5 Political Data Firms to Watch in 2020 and Beyond

Big Data is increasingly becoming a larger part of how and why businesses make decisions. What’s less discussed, however, is that politicians also use big data to determine when, where and to whom they pitch their political platforms. So it makes sense that there are firms that specialize in exactly that.  Here are a few

A Nigerian Man Is Actually Behind That Pro-Pete Buttigieg Twitter Account

The man who runs the @easychinedu account — widely accused of being a sockpuppet for a Mayor Pete Buttigieg staffer — told BuzzFeed News that he is a genuine supporter and has nothing to do with the South Bend mayor’s campaign. Tweets falsely implying the account was actually Buttigieg campaign communications advisor Lis Smith garnered

Impeachment Didn’t Change Minds — It Eroded Trust

Additional contributions by Likhitha Butchireddygari Graphics by Anna Wiederkehr Before last year, Willa Engel, 65, had never thought of herself as an especially political person. But the impeachment process changed that. As the House Democrats’ investigation rolled forward through the late fall, she found herself glued to the television, watching witness after witness testify about

Boy Scouts of America Files for Bankruptcy After Surge in Sex Abuse Lawsuits

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Does Sanders Have A Ceiling? Maybe. Can He Win Anyway? Yes.

The Bernie Sanders rally that I attended on the evening before the New Hampshire primary drew a reported 7,500 people — about twice as many as his actual 3,867-vote margin of victory in the primary the next day. I say that not to endorse crowd sizes as an alternative to the polls. (Despite the large

Michael Bloomberg’s Campaign Is Huge. That’s The Point

RALEIGH, North Carolina — Michael Bloomberg is not a tall man. But his presidential campaign is very big. The sheer hugeness of the former New York City mayor’s campaign is its defining feature. It is the Death Star of presidential campaigns. Bloomberg employs more — much more — staff than any other candidate, and pays

Trump Cuts Scheduled Federal Pay Raise Citing “Serious Economic Conditions” in the Country

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Goodbye To Andrew Yang, 2020’s Most Unexpectedly Successful Losing Candidate

Not a single Democratic candidate dropped out of the race after the Iowa caucuses — no doubt because of the messy result there. But the early states have now started to do their traditional job of winnowing the field. It just took the New Hampshire primary to get things going. The first to go: Andrew

What Are The X-Factors That Could Shake Up New Hampshire?

Welcome to a special edition of FiveThirtyEight’s weekly politics chat. The transcript below has been lightly edited. sarahf (Sarah Frostenson, politics editor): It’s hard to believe that last Monday was the Iowa caucuses and now, it’s time for New Hampshire to vote for a Democratic nominee tomorrow. Obviously, we missed the big X factor of