Ticked-Off Florida Seniors Turn On Trump In Scathing CNN Segment: ‘He Blew It’

While Trump defeated former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton there in 2016, polls show him trailing the former vice president by an average of 7.1%, according to FiveThirtyEight (though it’s worth noting that Trump trailed Clinton by a similar margin in Florida in July 2016). Now, a new video from CNN shows why Trump might be

Voter Registrations Are Way, Way Down During The Pandemic

Graphics by Elena Mejia Lutz Poll after poll showed a high level of enthusiasm for voting in the general election in 2020, and in the beginning of the year, voter registration surged to match that excitement. Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit. New registrations have fallen off a cliff. The spring of a presidential election year

Don Lemon Names The New Trump Coronavirus Claim That ‘Really Takes The Cake’

President Donald Trump’s latest claim about the coronavirus “really takes the cake,” CNN’s Don Lemon said on Thursday. Trump, in a town hall earlier with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, repeated his false assertion that the United States is only experiencing record new cases of COVID-19 because of increased testing, Lemon pointed out. “So, we have more

Twitter Users Call B.S. On Donald Trump’s Latest Coronavirus Spin

Social media users didn’t buy President Donald Trump’s latest attempt to spin the narrative on the coronavirus crisis. “Coronavirus deaths are way down,” Trump boasted on Twitter late Thursday, as the United States saw yet another record spike in daily confirmed cases of the virus. Trump also falsely claimed the mortality rate in the United States

Donald Trump Claims A Friend Called Him ‘The Most Perfect Person’

During a televised town hall with Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Thursday, the president claimed a pal had told him he has to be “the most perfect person” because he was not brought down by the Russia investigation. “Isn’t that true?” Trump asked a small audience packed with enthusiastic fans. Trump did not name the

Black Lives Matters Activists Say They’re Being Silenced By Facebook

Louiza Doran was leading an anti-racism workshop in Zoom on June 3 when she noticed the roughly 12 women participating were making strange faces. “Every single one of them, at the same moment, was starting to get notifications from Instagram that any posts that had my name, that linked to my work, or even just

The Economy Is A Mess. So Why Isn’t The Stock Market?

Graphics by Julia Wolfe We’ve said it before: The stock market is not the economy. Usually, this simply means that fluctuations in the markets may have little to no real bearing on the underlying realities we think of as making up the economy. Or that there are many important structural factors that make the markets’

Trump Threatens Protesters Ahead Of Oklahoma Rally

Ahead of a campaign rally in a city where a racist massacre took place, President Donald Trump threatened violence against protesters, as people in cities around the country are set to participate in peaceful anti-racism marches to mark Juneteenth, the anniversary of the end of slavery in the U.S. on June 19, 1865. Echoing his