Month: November 2020

The Nation Is Watching Pennsylvania As Joe Biden Is On The Cusp Of Winning The Election

PHILADELPHIA — As the ballot count continues Friday, the nation has been gripped by the election contest in Pennsylvania, where former vice president Joe Biden snagged a narrow lead Friday morning and has been steadily inching ahead to a victory that would propel him to the White House. There are about 124,000 mail-in ballots left

Republicans Split On Trump’s Dangerous Election Lies

Republican reaction to President Donald Trump’s incendiary lies about voter fraud and the “stolen” 2020 presidential election ranged, with some elected GOP officials echoing the baseless claims and others denouncing them. As possible defeat for Trump loomed and the president’s son and other allies complained that not enough Republicans were speaking up for him, some

Trump’s ‘Most Dishonest Speech Ever’ Stuns CNN Fact-Checker

President Donald Trump’s speech on Thursday was so dishonest that most networks cut away midway through as he claimed without evidence that Democrats were trying to steal the election. While most of Trump’s speeches contain lies and exaggerations, CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale said this one reached a whole new level.  “I’ve watched or read the transcript

The RNC Promoted A Voter Fraud Hotline On Twitter And It Totally Backfired

The Republican National Committee promoted a voter fraud hotline on Twitter Wednesday. But it was soon swamped with replies from people claiming to have reported President Donald Trump for election misconduct. “I reported a mad man on Twitter that is demanding we stop counting the votes, and is threatening lawsuits if we don’t,” one person replied

Take Me Out To The Ballot Box

It’s a familiar sight in Boston in mid-October: a line of people, many decked out in Red Sox gear, stretched down Jersey Street, waiting to pass through Gate A and enter historic Fenway Park. But this year, they weren’t going to see a baseball game. They were going to vote. The Red Sox were one