Month: June 2021

Fox News’ Mark Levin Blasts Media Leakers After Tucker Carlson Outed As One

Mark Levin ripped journalists who gossip secretly to other media outlets on his radio show Thursday ― after fellow Fox News host Tucker Carlson was named as a constant source of leaks in a New York Times report. (Hear the audio below.) Carlson, the far-right prime-time star of the conservative network, reportedly dished negative items

Americans Are Worried About Crime, But That Doesn’t Mean They’re Blaming Democrats

Welcome to Pollapalooza, our weekly polling roundup. Rising murder, aggravated assault and auto theft rates have increased concern about crime among the American public. According to polling from YouGov/The Economist, the share of Americans who say crime is the most important issue facing America has increased since President Biden took office — to a greater

Michael Cohen Exposes Donald Trump’s Most Ridiculous Lies

Michael Cohen, former personal attorney and fixer for Donald Trump, laid bare his ex-boss’s penchant for lying on Thursday’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” The former president “lied every day” and even on “the very first time I ever met him,” Cohen told host Jimmy Kimmel. Trump, according to Cohen, claimed during their first meeting

Sean Hannity Seems To Rip ‘Gutless’ Tucker Carlson As Fox News Feud Turns Ugly

Fox News host Sean Hannity tore into The New York Times and its recent coverage of the behind-the-scenes drama at the right-wing cable network. But his harshest words may have been aimed at his colleague, Tucker Carlson.  This week, New York Times columnist Ben Smith said Carlson dishes out off-the-record gossip about the network, former President Donald

Arizona Sham Auditors Transport Voting System Data To Secret Montana Hideout

In the latest development in the partisan Republican “audit” of Arizona presidential votes, voting system data has been taken to a secret hideout in Montana. An unsupervised driver transported copies of ballot data in a truck to a cabin in the community of Bigfork in northwest Montana, several media outlets reported. The state Senate Republican

What The Electoral Landscape Looks Like In Germany, Japan, France And Canada

Welcome to Pollapalooza, our weekly polling roundup. Poll(s) of the week Last weekend, President Biden attended the annual gathering of the Group of 7, which discussed different ways to address pressing economic and security issues. And although the world leaders gathered didn’t necessarily see eye-to-eye on every issue, a Pew Research Center survey found going

Congressman Reveals True Terror Of Republicans Now Downplaying Capitol Riot

“It’s true some GOP members of Congress who are treating Capitol Police like shit were the most scared on the floor,” Gallego tweeted Thursday, appearing to reference the 21 House Republicans who this week voted against honoring police who responded to the violence with a Congressional Gold Medal. It’s true some GOP members of Congress

A Second Alleged Capitol Rioter Is Charged With Carrying A Gun That Day

WASHINGTON — A Texas man this week became the second person charged with carrying a handgun onto the grounds of the US Capitol during the riots on Jan. 6. Guy Reffitt of Wylie, Texas, is charged with traveling to Washington, DC, with a rifle and a handgun to support “civil disorder” and with carrying the