Month: January 2021

Trump Impeachment Lawyer Removed A Black Juror He Said ‘Shucked And Jived’

One of the attorneys on former President Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial team previously used racial stereotypes to kick Black citizens off a jury, including saying one of them “shucked and jived” in court, HuffPost has learned. The attorney, Greg Harris, is one of four South Carolina attorneys who make up the “core” of Trump’s

Brian Williams Deadpan Trolls Trump, McCarthy With ‘Exclusive Video’ Of Meeting

MSNBC’s Brian Williams poked fun at former President Donald Trump’s meeting with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) by promising “exclusive video” of the event — but then “accidentally” cut to a scene from the classic movie “Jerry Maguire” instead. McCarthy met with Trump at the former president’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, on Thursday,

What Comes Next For QAnon Followers

It didn’t take long for the neo-Nazis to show up. Minutes after Joe Biden’s inauguration, as followers of QAnon were trying to understand how their predictions of Trump remaining in power had not come to fruition, white nationalists saw a slate of potential recruits. “Don’t let this moment slip by. Capitalize on their anger. Radicalize!”

GOP Strategist Predicts What Will Become Of The GOP If Donald Trump Isn’t Convicted

Republican strategist Sarah Longwell warned Thursday that Donald Trump will control the GOP for the next decade if Senate Republicans don’t vote to convict the former president for inciting the U.S. Capitol riot. Longwell, who founded the Republican Voters Against Trump group that before the election released ads featuring rank-and-file members explaining why they ditched

Why Fights Over The COVID-19 Vaccine Are Everywhere On Facebook

If you took one look at the Facebook group Vaccines Exposed, it seemed clear what it was all about. It was “a group opposed to deadly vaccinations,” with over 13,000 members on a platform known to harbor anti-vaccination conspiracy theories. Some of its followers’ recent posts included a video falsely claiming the COVID-19 vaccine will

Meet Your Local Republican Insurrectionist

At least 21 state and local Republican officials attended the Jan. 6 rally in Washington, D.C., that turned into a violent riot, according to a new HuffPost tally, many of whom are now under pressure to resign.  They traveled from 16 different states, arriving for the “Stop the Steal” demonstration on the White House Ellipse,

Hannity Gets Blunt Lesson About Time Following ‘Biden’s Disastrous First Week’ Claim

On Thursday night, a caption on Hannity’s show declared Biden’s first week as president “disastrous.” But the review came before Biden had even completed his first full day as president. Biden officially took over from Trump at midday Wednesday. He immediately set about reversing some of his predecessor’s policies, signing a slew of executive orders

New Time Cover Shows The Utter Chaos That Donald Trump Left Behind For Joe Biden

The front page of the magazine’s Feb. 1 / Feb. 8 double issue shows Biden pensively looking out of a trashed Oval Office’s window, which appears to be surrounded by flames. Graffiti is scrawled on a curtain and the Resolute Desk, which is buried under documents and fast food cartons. A telephone lies on the