Month: April 2021

Republicans Are Still Waiting For Joe Biden’s Tea Party Backlash

President Joe Biden has spent his first 100 days pushing massive spending bills, proposing higher taxes and enacting progressive policies. But unlike his Democratic predecessor, President Barack Obama, a mass movement in opposition hasn’t materialized yet. At this point in his presidency, Obama faced the Tea Party revolt. On April 15, 2009 ― Tax Day

Judge Slaps Down Election Recount Firm Hired By Arizona GOP Senate

A private company hired by Arizona’s Republican Senate to do another presidential recount has been smacked down by a judge for battling to keep the process secret. The Cyber Ninjas company — headed by a conspiracy theorist and disciple of the “Stop the Steal” lie that the presidential election was rigged — has no election

Rudy Giuliani’s First Interview About FBI Raid Goes Just As You’d Expect

Rudy Giuliani went on Fox News on Thursday to tell his version of events after the FBI raided his home Wednesday, and it was totally on-brand. Giuliani, who was a personal attorney for former President Donald Trump, had his electronic devices seized as part of a federal investigation into his business dealings with Ukraine. Speaking to

Biden Officials Are Considering A Process To Allow Some “Vulnerable” Immigrants To Avoid Trump-Era Border Restrictions

The Biden administration is considering a process that would allow some immigrants to receive humanitarian exceptions to enter the US despite a controversial Trump-era border policy that has led to many asylum-seekers at the southern border being turned away, according to documents obtained by BuzzFeed News. The plan, which has not been finalized, would create

The Justice Department Signaled New Support For LGBTQ Rights Under Biden

WASHINGTON — The Justice Department took a new position this week in support of the rights of transgender people in prison and sent a signal that the Biden administration is moving away from Trump administration policies that rolled back legal protections for LGBTQ individuals. Late on Thursday, the DOJ filed what’s known as a “statement

Tucker Carlson’s College Yearbook Entry Goes Viral, And It’s A Doozy

Tucker Carlson’s college yearbook seemed to foretell plenty about the man whose bigotry would later fill the prime time airwaves on Fox News. In a 1991 Trinity College yearbook entry now making the rounds on social media, Carlson wrote that he was part of the “Dan White Society.” News outlets presumed he was referring to

GOP Governor Candidate Amanda Chase Says Derek Chauvin Conviction ‘Makes Me Sick’

Amanda Chase, a GOP candidate for Virginia governor, drew widespread criticism this week when she declared that former police officer Derek Chauvin’s conviction for the murder of George Floyd “makes me sick.” “Today’s verdict makes me sick. I am so concerned about our law enforcement right now, quitting. And you should be, too,” Chase, a state

It’s Been Exactly 1 Year Since The Most Insane Moment Of The Trump Presidency

It was exactly one year ago Friday when then-President Donald Trump delivered what may have been the wildest few moments in presidential history. As the nation battled the coronavirus pandemic, Trump went on television and delivered what could only be described as medical improv. He said government scientists would be testing “very powerful light” inside the