Month: July 2020

Washington Post Editorial Board Spells Out A Stark Truth About The Coronavirus To Trump

“The reality is that the virus is not under control; it is in control,” the newspaper’s board wrote in its editorial Thursday that denounced Trump’s ongoing attempts to downplay the rapid resurgence of COVID-19 in states nationwide. The board called out Trump’s “magical thinking” on the pandemic. Trump bore responsibility “for encouraging governors to loosen the restrictions

Ticked-Off Florida Seniors Turn On Trump In Scathing CNN Segment: ‘He Blew It’

While Trump defeated former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton there in 2016, polls show him trailing the former vice president by an average of 7.1%, according to FiveThirtyEight (though it’s worth noting that Trump trailed Clinton by a similar margin in Florida in July 2016). Now, a new video from CNN shows why Trump might be