Month: January 2021

In Dueling New Year Messages, Trump Reflects, Biden Looks Ahead

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Donald Trump in a New Year’s Eve message reflected on his accomplishments in office, calling them “historic victories,” while his successor, President-elect Joe Biden, struck an upbeat tone in looking ahead to 2021. After weeks of vowing to win his fight to remain in office, Republican Trump said in a video

What To Watch For In Georgia’s Senate Runoff Elections

Following the November election, the country’s attention ― and donors’ money ― turned to Georgia’s Senate runoff elections, where Republicans are defending two seats and their razor-thin hold on power in the U.S. Senate. Which party controls the Senate will shape the course of Joe Biden’s presidency.  HuffPost has answers to all the most important questions

Secret Service Switching Up Agents Over Worries About Trump Allegiances: Report

The Secret Service is shaking up assignments for President-elect Joe Biden’s detail because of concerns about some agents’ worrisome ties to Donald Trump, The Washington Post reported. Biden supporters have expressed fears that some agents are too closely politically aligned with the outgoing president, sources told the Post. Some senior officers who previously protected Biden