CNN Fact-Checker Rips Apart Donald Trump’s ‘Bombardment Of Dishonesty’ In Final Debate

CNN’s fact-checking reporter Daniel Dale on Thursday called out President Donald Trump’s “bombardment of dishonesty” during the final presidential debate with Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

Trump was “better behaved tonight, but he lied more,” Dale told CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer in a post-debate analysis.

Dale noted that Trump had trotted out many of the same lies at his recent campaign rallies. They covered subjects “big and small,” the journalist noted. “Important stuff like the coronavirus pandemic, about Biden’s policies, about his own record, about Democrats’ record.”

“It was just on and on,” said Dale.

“Biden was imperfect,” he continued. “There were at least a few false, misleading or lacking-in-context claims from him. But for a fact-checker, you’re kind of sitting there with Biden occasionally you’re like, ‘Oh that’s wrong.’”

“With Trump you’re like that ‘I Love Lucy’ episode in the chocolate factory, you don’t know which one to pick up because there’s so much,” he said. “And so again with this president we just see a constant barrage, incessantly, of false or misleading stuff.”

Check out Dale’s full analysis here:

Mehdi Hasan, meanwhile, the host of “The Mehdi Hasan Show” on NBC’s Peacock streaming service, listed “the top 10 whoppers” that Trump told:

And MSNBC’s Ari Melber debunked Trump’s debate falsehoods about COVID-19: