Donald Trump Yells Question About People Missing Him And You Know What Happened Next

Donald Trump hit his keyboard caps lock button and yelled a simple question in a statement on his website Friday ― the day some Trump-supporting conspiracy theorists believe he’ll be reinstated as president.

“DO YOU MISS ME YET?” the twice-impeached former president demanded to know after reeling off a list of what he considered President Joe Biden’s failures.

The statement may have just vanished into the online ether were it not for Trump’s aide, Liz Harrington, sharing it on Twitter:

Trump, of course, is banned from social media following his incitement of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

Some critics asked why Twitter was allowing Harrington to repeat Trump’s statement word-for-word, given his permanent suspension. Similar concerns have been raised before.

Others pointed out Trump’s own numerous failures ― including his disastrous handling of the coronavirus pandemic ― and mockingly referred to the bonkers reinstatement conspiracy theory peddled by Trump-adoring MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell.

Many just replied with a firm “no.”