Kayleigh McEnany Receives Searing Reminder After Latest Reality-Defying Defense Of Trump

Kayleigh McEnany stunned social media users with her latest reality-defying defense of President Donald Trump on Friday morning.

The White House press secretary claimed in a tweet that the president “has consistently put the health of all Americans first.” Her statement was in response to a Vanity Fair investigation published Thursday that laid bare the initial stages of the Trump administration’s catastrophic response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Critics on Twitter hit back at McEnany with a series of blunt reminders. Many pointed out the rising death toll from the public health crisis, as COVID-19 has killed nearly 200,000 people nationwide.

Some recalled how the president himself admitted in an early February interview with journalist Bob Woodward that he understood the dangers posed by COVID-19. In public, however, Trump chose to mislead the American public by downplaying the threat of the disease.

Meanwhile, others mentioned the fact that Trump earlier this week had inaccurately claimed that the U.S. death toll would be far lower if “blue” states were not taken into account, and how he has attempted to gut the Affordable Care Act without announcing a replacement.

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