To those of you liberals who don’t understand the Bernie or Bust movement, allow me to explain it in a way that may be clearer and more detailed than what you are used to hearing.

To those of you liberals who don’t understand the Bernie or Bust movement, allow me to explain it in a way that may be clearer and more detailed than what you are used to hearing.

What you are seeing is a group of people who hit their breaking point — and some day, you will hit yours too. It may be a month from now, it may be eight years from now. The injustices that have been allowed to thrive in our country have resulted in the death and suffering of millions of people. We have a climate crisis, we have lead in our water, we have massive income and wealth inequality, and we have millions of people in prison for petty “crimes” who are being used as slave laborers. These are just a small fraction of the injustices which permeate through every aspect of our government.

The people of this movement have come to the realization that our current system is broken beyond repair and the time for incremental change is over. This is worth repeating. The system under no circumstances can be fixed with establishment politics; it can only be fixed by a progressive political revolution that sends a message loud and clear that we the people are setting a new standard for our elected representatives.

Bernie Sanders understands the urgency to navigate our way out the whirlpool of injustice and impending disasters that inevitably await us and he has a voting record that proves he has the wisdom required to make the right decisions for the country.

When he saw the candidates running for the democratic nominee, he hit his breaking point. Despite never having any aspirations to be president, he knew he had a moral obligation to run. He knows that a Clinton presidency will only prolong the stagnation of our broken system. He knows if she becomes president, in four to eight years from now, our elected representatives will still be reduced to nothing more than a glorified telemarketer begging for money.

He knows we can not afford to compromise on taking aggressive action to address climate change or other necessary regulations that are needed to prevent the death or suffering of millions or even billions of people.

He knows we don’t have time for incremental change, especially when that incremental change is going to be led by a centrist candidate with a history of voting blunders that resulted in a diminished middle class and an unstable middle east — by a candidate who has amassed her personal wealth from the same special interests who fund her campaign — and by candidate who is basically campaigning on fixing the damage from the legislation she voted for in the first place — the same legislations that Bernie Sanders passionately spoke out against to anybody who would listen.

For these reasons, Bernie Sanders stepped up and took on the establishment. Progressives finally had a candidate who was something so much more than the stereotypical politician. Sanders has proven beyond reasonable doubt that he has by far the best judgment and the strongest principles of any candidate to run for office in a very long time.

He built up an unprecedented grassroots moment with a very popular platform among democrats and independents. The progressive movement finally had a leader with a vision and a strategy to wrestle our government back from the wealthy few. He inspired millions of people who have long been disengaged from politics to start caring and participating in the system — which is exactly what needs to happen for progressives to take control of the house and senate and end the gridlock we see today.

I’m well aware of most of the scandals Hillary Clinton has been involved in — both the real ones and the fake ones — but out of all of the unethical things she has done, I think the worst was her intentional sabotage of the progressive revolution.

For years, democrats and liberals have blamed republicans for the problems that plague our country. MSNBC regularly issued scathing reports about republican corruption and obstructionism. Progressives rallied behind the “liberal media” and the democratic party (some reluctantly) who were doing what little they could do given the republican opposition.

Democrats have always defended raising money from special interests because it was a necessity. They had to do it because the republicans were doing it. But, Bernie Sanders proved that his platform combined with his refreshing honesty and consistency was so popular that he could raise massive amounts money without relying on any special interests.

This is something Hillary Clinton could not do if her life depended on it. This is not a phenomenon that can be manufactured by anyone with money and power. This is a phenomenon that can only be created by a candidate with an impeccable track record marked by a commitment to altruism and reason.

Hillary should have dropped out early and supported him. The democratic party would have had an incredibly strong candidate with a scandal-free past. The vast majority of her supporters would have accepted him with open arms and been just as passionate about him as his current supporters are. He would be virtually guaranteed to win in a landslide victory against any candidate the republicans could put forward.

But, Hillary Clinton had different plans. She wanted more than anything to be president — and in the course of this campaign, she has revealed the truth about the democratic party and the “liberal media.”

When Bernie Sanders’ generated a massive amount of momentum for the progressive revolution and the progressive principles that the democratic party and liberal media claim to want, he and his movement were not accepted by the media nor the democratic party. Instead, he was seen as a threat and the democratic party and the Clinton campaign sought to extinguish his momentum.

They could have embraced Bernie’s revolution and doubled its support. They would have been able to launch a fierce campaign uniting enough people to win majorities in every branch of government.

But instead, they sabotaged his campaign through the use of propaganda. Sometimes the propaganda was blatant, sometimes is was subtle, but there is no doubt it was there and there is no doubt it was effective.

Bernie was painted as a pie in the sky idealist with no chance of winning and no concept of reality. But this is not the case and it is not what the Clinton campaign and the media believe. They knew that Bernie Sanders could win and the progressive revolution could build support. That is why the DNC had to hide Clinton and schedule debates at times when people wouldn’t see them. If Bernie couldn’t win, then the DNC and the media wouldn’t have to resort to protecting Hillary and vilifying Sanders.

The republicans are extreme and their policy is worse than Clinton’s center-right policy agenda. But at least the republicans don’t pretend to be on our side. The Clintons and the liberal media are not stupid. They know what they did and Sanders supporters know what they did — and it was nothing short of a betrayal.

So if Clinton wins the nomination, don’t be confused when millions of Sanders supporters stay home or vote for Trump. Betrayal is personal and millions of people are more angry and discouraged than many people realize.

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