Sen. Ted Cruz’s COVID-19 ’Guarantee’ Comes Back To Haunt Him Exactly 1 Year Later

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes on Thursday reminded Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) of his exactly year-old “astoundingly, beautifully wrong” prediction that Democrats would forget about the COVID-19 pandemic if Joe Biden won the 2020 election.

“If it ends up that Biden wins in November — I hope he doesn’t, I don’t think he will — but if he does, I guarantee you the week after the election, suddenly all those Democratic governors, all those Democratic mayors will say everything’s magically better,” Cruz predicted.

“You won’t even have to wait for Biden to be sworn in,” the Donald Trump apologist continued. “All they’ll need is Election Day and suddenly their willingness to just destroy people’s lives and livelihoods, they will have accomplished their task. That’s wrong, it’s cynical and we shouldn’t be a part of it.”

Cruz’s comments were “utterly, completely, in every possible conceivable way wrong,” said Hayes.

A year after Cruz’s prediction, the pandemic continues in the United States with the spread of the highly transmissible delta variant, especially among people who haven’t been vaccinated.

“But it’s so revealing,” Hayes added. “Why did he make that mistake? Because Ted Cruz himself only views the pandemic through a political prism and so he projects it onto everyone else, he thinks Democrats do too.”

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